Build your Digital Image with a industry professional

December 15, 2021

Why should you build your digital image with a company that specializes building the digital image of businesses in your industry?

There are millions of cheaper and faster options but they may not deliver the same results and you will be left spending more to clean up after a non-professional.
Take a look at why you should work with a specialist company such as Boat Deck and discover how WE can help YOU.

We know the Marine Industry

We have worked with yacht and boat companies for years. We have extensive experience in building a range of websites for marine and we know how to advertise your services and products to clients!

Many non-specialist companies will provide you a generic website built off a mainstream template. Style, layout, features may not be as customizable to your brand and they do not consider competitor and industry trends.

To get ahead of your competitors and stand out from the crowd it is essential to seek out the skills of a professional who specializes in your industry. That is why we focus on building websites and the digital footprint of Marine Businesses!

If you are a Mercury Dealer you get extra benefits

With us at Boat Deck, if you are a Mercury Dealer you receive extra benefits! You will be able to have your Mercury listings automatically synced with the official Mercury site, saving you the time of having to upload manually on a constant basis. Take a look at Leisure Coast Marine to see an example of automated syncing of Mercury listings.

Always investigate the business you plan to hire for your work because their services are often tailored to the industry they work in. As specialists focusing in the yacht and boat industry, we have a partnership with Mercury that is beneficial to our Mercury clients.

Tailor your package with presentations, social media and more!

You can build a website with one company, do your marketing with another and take on SEM initiatives in another but why? They don’t communicate with one another and you will have to follow up with each one individually.

Working with a specialist provides you the benefit of having EVERYTHING all in one place as companies like us will handle everything from your website to your social media to your SEO and SEM.

With us at BoatDeck you can choose a package that best suits you.

Many of our clients opt to have their websiteFacebook page, Instagram to be built by us. They get a strong and consistent brand image across platforms, only need to update us on initiatives and updates and we handle the project for them!

Want to reach clients in a modern and more efficient way? We do this too.

Heard of Listing Point? This is a digital brochure that we offer to businesses that specialise in selling yachts and boats. When you have boats to sell, instead of sending generic emails or pdfs you can use a Listing Point.

How does it work?

You upload the content you want to feature into our Boatdeck CRM and then we design your Listing Point for you! Once it is done you can provide potential buyers with a customised email/txt link that leads straight to your Listing Point advertising your brand, products and more!

Want to get started building your digital image?

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