Feature Site: Leisure Coast Marine

December 15, 2021

Our Feature Site for the start of February is Leisure Coast Marine. Leisure Coast Marine was in much need of a renovation with their old site being outdated and with a lack of modern features.

With more than 60 years as a marine centre and having been under the ownership of Glenn and Leanne Clarke for more than 20 years, Leisure Coast Marine is an experienced company and their website needed to reflect this so we took on the mission to renovate their site and the results are fantastic!

From a simple website format that had a strong lack of aesthetic appeal and responsive design we developed a responsive hybrid website with seo optimisation and mercury listings feeds.

What updates did Leisure Coast Marine receive?

Hybrid Responsive Website

Leisure Coast Marine Received a Hybrid Responsive Website so their website was optimised for adaptable display on various devices. As part of this package their Headers, tabs and URLS tags are updated and optimised. As well, we created a feature slider on their main page and have made images interactive to lead through to product pages etc.

Mercury Listing Feeds

A second and very useful addition to Leisure Coast Marine’s site was the feature of Mercury Listing Feeds. For Mercury dealers, they are able to have Mercury listings pre-loaded and maintained for their convenience. Relevant Mercury news and promotions are also added and managed for you and the team.

Google Analytics

A feature that isn’t visible but is part of Leisure Coast Marine’s site, as they are a   Dealer, is the addition of Google Analytics. All our Mercury clients receive Google Analytics as part of their website package as this allows us to track your website performance and determine if there are any faults or aspects that may need updating.

Interested in seeing the final product for yourself?

View it here: https://www.leisurecoastmarine.com.au/

The yacht and boat business is digital so make sure your website is optimised for performance. A outdated website can result in loss of potential clients and this is not a position a successful business should be in!

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