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Social Media

In an industry first, Boat Deck have released the first Facebook marine applications designed specifically to showcase a marine business brand, videos, staff profiles, current listings and sold listings.


Is the 2nd largest site in the world (only behind Google) and has an audience of over 960 million.  Over 11.5 million of these are located in Australia (aged 18 and older).  This huge online audience provides an excellent opportunity for marine businesses to market their brands and boats. Until now, there has not been an effective and automated means for marine businesses to market their listings or credentials to this audience. These 5 Boat Deck Facebook applications change this, allowing your business to automatically market to this audience.

Boat Deck Facebook Applications

There are 5 applications that can be placed on your Facebook business page. Each app added to your business page will create a tab at the top of the page. You then have the ability to hide tabs or rearrange them as needed. Facebook business pages are very important as you will market these on your website, they’re also frequently visited by Facebook users including boat buyers and potential vendors.

The apps for your business page are:

  • Welcome Tab – Branded page which can display a company video, main image, corporate profile, contact details and links to your other apps.
  • Boats Tab – Displays your current boat listings
  • Brokers Tab – Displays your staff team members including each members contact details, profile, current listings, sold listings, testimonials and videos.
  • Videos Tab – Displays all of your boat videos
  • Sold Tab – Displays all of your sold listings.
  • Post to Wall – We also use another application to automatically import news posts from your Boat Deck website that will populate the Wall tab on your business page.

If you do not already have a Facebook business page then included in our setup fee we will create this for you and place a link to it from your website.

Easy Data Integration – Your boats are seamlessly integrated into your Facebook business page through our Listing Loader XML data feed.  This means you never need to double handle listings as when you load them to your website as they will automatically be sent to your Facebook business page.

Capture User Contact Details – All our Facebook applications are configured with Facebook web forms which users fill in to contact you. You will never miss an enquiry again as all the data submitted through forms are emailed directly to the broker along with being saved in your Facebook application website database. The details of users who complete these forms are saved to a Contacts section.

Monitor Facebook Page Browsers – Keep track of the number of users who browse your Facebook business page. All Facebook applications are installed with analytics to measure the number of page views they each receive along with the number of page views for each boat for sale. We also monitor the number of enquiries for each broker and vessel and populate it into a weekly report which can be emailed to staff members.

$550 set up + $30 per month (ex gst)