Why are Boat Deck Sites Built on WordPress?

All of  Boat Deck’s websites are built on the Content Management System, or CMS, WordPress. A CMS is where all of a websites content is stored and managed. This content includes the words and images on your site as well as a large amount of data in the form of “code” that tells a browser how to display this content. For example the CSS code tells the browser what fonts and sizes to display text in the body, different from the text headings and image captions.

There are lot of popular and inexpensive web site building platforms but the true test is how functionally the web site fits into your business needs. That’s why we consult with our clients and custom code web sites with functionality and that why use WordPress.

WordPress powers 28% of the whole internet.

Here’s why,

1.  No license fees and it is open source software.

Open source software is developed by and for a user community so there are hundreds of people all over the world working together to make WordPress better and better. Open source creates is the optimal environment for innovation and productivity. Everyone has the freedom to run, copy, study and improve the WordPress software without paying a cent.

2. It’s built in popular coding language, so lots of people can work on it.

WordPress is built in PHP which is quite a popular so there are lots of developers who can do modifications and updates on your website code. (That is of course if you choose to leave your Boat Deck Support, but why would you, they rock). Another bonus with PHP is its super speedy loading and its flexibility to be hosted on a any server.

3. There are a wealth of plugins, widgets and themes that add functionality to your website.

WordPress Plugins add functionality to your WordPress website and there are over 50 thousand to choose from in the WordPress marketplace. Some are free and some are very cheap. The most common Plugins add things like contact forms, XML Sitemaps, SEO packs and more. And you don’t need to be really tech savvy to add or change them on the back end of your Worpress.

4. The core code is continually being evolved & updated.

Because WordPress is open-source and therefor a beloved platform by developers, individual people and teams volunteer their knowledge and time to upgrade the core functionality of WordPress. They do things like review the plugins and website themes submitted by other developers, upgrade mobile usability, and work on the user experience (UX). It’s this really generous community that makes WordPress continually the #1 CMS in the world.

5. It’s super easy blog function.

When WordPress started in 2003 it was only really a blog with a fancy text editor. It has developed a lot since its beginnings but it still has a very nice blog set up, easy to add media, hyperlink text, set up custom rules for text and more. It’s intuitive to create new posts, add them to categories and start boosting your SEO with consistent blogging and keyword strategy.