Use the $20,000 tax deduction for a new Marine website

Get the most of the government’s $20,000 tax break and get a bonus marketing consultation to start FY18 on the right track!

The 30th of June is the end of the financial year and your last chance this year to claim business purchases under the $20,000 tax write off scheme. Although the tax write off has already helped many small businesses invest in revenue generating upgrades, a huge opportunity is being missed in the digital sector.

Your most critically declining business assets are your technology and digital systems. Your website and CRM should be working for you and your team.
With savings of up to $5,500 per qualifying purchase, now is the time to invest in your digital infrastructure.  Although 78% of small business owners reporting they don’t understand what purchases qualify, we are pleased to tell you, websites qualify!

According to the ATO “If you incur expenses creating or maintaining a website for your business, you may be able to claim the costs as a deduction.”

“Capital assets” or purchases considered to give your business an “ongoing benefit” fall under the scheme.

Here’s how we recommend you take advantage:

  • Upgrade your website.
    Here at Boat Deck we can’t stress enough, your website must be responsive. This means it was designed and coded to fit into any device. New evidence shows that Google search is now penalising sites that are not responsive.
  • Invest in smart advertising.
    An article by H&R block acknowledges “Costs to promote your brand and garner publicity for your business are deductible” so why not invest in the most up to date advertising like Facebook applications.
  • Automate business actions.
    With Boat Deck’s exclusive Listing Loader software, you can export your marine listings to all the major portals & classifieds with just the click of a button.


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This article is meant to offer advice of a general nature. Tax law is complex, so speak to your tax professional before making a purchase to apply the small business tax deductions.