Mitchell Dean – JV Marine

December 14, 2021

Since taking on Listing Loader as JV Marine’s online catalogue management tool we have saved so much time and effort. For a premises as big as JV Marine’s listing boats online was a major headache, especially with so many online catalogues to manage.

Listing Loader has taken away so much of our worries, we just list it once and get on with the more important talk of talking to customers, responding to our leads and selling boats! Being the marketing manager here at JV Marine for the past 5 years, this is the tool I had been wanting so badly.

With hundreds of boats online at all times of the year its now so much easier and quicker to change a price or any detail and within a few hours all of our online catalogues show the same thing. No confusion, no angry customers! The salesman at JV Marine know that was they see on our website is exactly what is listed on other sites and its just great peace of mind for them. Do yourself a favour and use them, its been the greatest change at this business for a long time and we wont ever be going back, I absolutely love it!