Optional Features


Custom Twitter Page

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking platforms in the world. We give your Twitter page a customised look and feel that reflects your business branding and colours.
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Custom YouTube Page

Let the world know who you are! Customise YouTube page with company overview, logo or image along with your favourite videos.
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Newsletter Tool

Keep in contact with your customers by creating professional e-Newsletters quickly and easily. Add featured boats for sale, news articles and events – all formatted effortlessly and sent in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

We can even import your existing email contact database in CSV format for no extra charge!

Advanced Aqua Gallery

Showcase your photos from the latest boat show, new model launch, open day or event with our eye-popping “Aqua Gallery”.
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Other Services

At Boat Deck we also offer services to further enhance your new or current website including,

  • Video and Sound Editing

    Why not add some sparkle to your latest release, event or regatta and utilise the Boat Deck team to produce stunning videos delivered in multiple formats for delivery via the web, email and DVD.

  • Graphic Design and Printing

    Boat Deck specialises in all forms online and offline graphic design. We can build your next web banner, PDF brochure or print your new catalogue or flyer.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Make sure your business is ranking in search engine results. Search engine optimisation for boat dealers means your customers can find you online.
  • Professionally edited Team Video Profiles

    Stand out from the crowd with professionally edited videos of your team.
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    Pricing on request

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