Boat Listing Exports

Listing Loader

Listing Loader

Export your boats to all the major portals with just one click with Listing Loader.

Send your listings AUTOMATICALLY to :

  • Boat Deck Dealer Websites
  • Yacht and Boat
  • Tradeboats NZ
  • Trade a Boat
  • Trading Post
  • Trade Me NZ
  • Boatpoint
  • Boat Sales
  • Boat Deck
  • eBay

Listing Loader is the perfect web solution for any boat brokerage allows you to add/manage your boat listings in one location and then automatically load these listings to the various 3rd party marine classifieds portals.

Boat Deck have built the boat listing management system – Listing Loader, which enables brokers to do this with ease.

Save time and sell more boats whilst ensuring your inventory is current and consistent on all the key websites.

You can list any type of vessel and it will all be exported to marine portals in Australia and across the world. Importantly – you choose which portals your listing is exported to.

We DO NOT limit the number of boats nor the number of portals you can list your boats with. Your $75 per month subscription allows you to:

1. Select which vessels to upload to which portals.
2. Add as many boats as you like and export these to all portals.
3. Export your listings to all portals in Australia and across the World.

Our goal is to provide you with the greatest exposure for your boat listings so we’re always on the lookout for more portals to send your listings to. If you’d like to request a portal then simply let us know who this is and we’ll organise an export to them.