Our Top 3 Digital Marine Products of 2017!


We have had another amazing year and have had several products stand out as clear customer favourites but we have selected 3 of our brightest as our best for 2017!

Discover some of our most in demand products and why so many of our clients have signed up for these.

SEO Optimisation

SEO is key to getting discovered online. Turning up higher in the ranks of websites from a search result revolves strongly around SEO and understanding how to better perform in this area is essential to ensure that you turn up higher in the ranks and appear in relevant search results. Want to know more? Our feature article discusses how SEO lets your clients find you and why it is so important for the modern day business.


Proposal Point

Ever wanted to share information on your business but the only way to do so was via an email and attaching a PDF? Proposal Point Brochures were made for this. Our clients have found this product to reduce the amount of labour required and it is a convenient and professional way of sending information to clients. Proposal Point functions as a digital brochure. You can customise a brochure to your brand featuring all the business information you want, interactive buttons and it takes as little as 5 minutes to do. Once you have your brochure set up you can then send a text, email or both to your client featuring a unique link to the brochure so your clients can view your product, pitch and brand and purchase options all in one place!


Even better is the ability to track your clients. You are able to see who viewed your brochure, who clicked on any links and who signed up for a product. There is no point selling your products in the dark because you wont be able to tell who is a potential buyer or not and why. Our Analytics feature of brochures provides you valuable insight so you not only send a polished and professional digital brochure, you are getting feedback to better understand how you are performing and how to grow your business.


Responsive Websites

Do you have a website? You probably do. But is it responsive? This is where alot of people hesitate in answering. A common mistake for many is to sign up and create a website but fail to optimise it for multiple platforms such as phones, tablets, laptops and more. A responsive website is one that is able to adapt to multiple platforms, scale images, tabs, content accordingly with each platforms layout. We have had many clients get in touch with us to update their websites to better adapt to multiple platforms and the result has been outstanding. In today’s digital age you need to ensure your business is performing well on all platforms so open up your phone, tablet and laptop and type in your website. Is it appearing as it should be? If it isn’t, get in touch and we can tell you how this can be fixed up.