Staff Member of the month: Aris Clavecillas

Nov 10, 2017
For October we have Aris Clavecillas as our staff member of the month! Aris has been in the IT industry for 19 years. He started as a programmer in Manila from 1998 and was previously in Singap

It's my account so I own the content, right?

Nov 09, 2017
Its my account so I own the content, right? It is common for anyone to believe that if the social media account is theirs, they own the content. However, many clients who hire companies to manage

When is negative social media an opportunity?

Oct 26, 2017
Nobody likes getting a Facebook alert for a negative comment that is sitting out in the open for all eyes to see and when you're an Agent you would think it's even worse. But did you know that n

SEO: Lets Clients find you

Oct 24, 2017
If someone asks ‘what do you do?’ do you tell them to ‘Google it’? When you are in in an industry where clients start their search online, you should make sure that when they hit the sear

Team member of the Month: Arif Chowdhury

Oct 06, 2017
We have Arif Chowdhury as our staff member of the month. Arif works as one of our customer service coordinators here in our Pyrmont office in Sydney. Arif is responsible for co-coordinating

Team Member of the Month: Rebecca Jones

Sep 05, 2017
Rebecca Jones is Sales and Delivery Director for NetpointGroup as well as Co Founder of Boat Deck and Yacht and Boat. Starting her first IT based companies over 20 years ago she still finds the indust

7 Reasons: Why Digital Listing Presentations?

Sep 01, 2017
Immediate and convenient is the new standard. From Tinder to UberEats, it’s apparent; consumer demands are mobile based and require a better user experience in accessing a product or service. Today

How to get started on social media

Aug 29, 2017
  Sometimes we are asked by our clients, "What is a strategy around building the number of Facebook likes on my business Facebook page?"Before we explore strategies with that client we hav

Do I have full control over managing my website once it's complete?

Aug 29, 2017
  Here at Boat Deck we produce our websites on the Content Management System (CMS) Wordpress (Learn more about why Wordpress is the #1 CMS in the world). One the site has been developed, q

A Case Study on Responsive Web Design

Aug 28, 2017
One of our clients switched to a responsive website and we tracked their Google Analytics to watch the results of optimisation unfold. The first and most dramatic statistic to note, circled in orange,