How to get started on social media


Sometimes we are asked by our clients, “What is a strategy around building the number of Facebook likes on my business Facebook page?”Before we explore strategies with that client we have them explain to us what their goal is around their Facebook page.

Surprisingly, most of our clients don’t have a goal or strategy beyond building as many likes and follows as they can across their social media channels. A lot of people believe that likes and follows are social proof of the popularity or success of their businesses. These are “vanity statistics” and a lot of people feel compelled to have more Likes and Follows than their competitors.

The fact is, “likes” and “follows” do not equal paying customers.

The fact is, likes and follows do not equal paying customers. Social media accounts are a great way to start earning the trust and respect of people within in you target audience but the goal should always be to send people to back to your website. Why? On your website you can tailor you brand messaging the best and you can ask users for the information you need (via forms) to pitch your products and services to them in a more targeted, personal and therefore effective way.

All your social media accounts are an access point to your website. If you are great and creating and sharing valuable content, that’s a huge bonus. But if that’s not something within the scope of work you can take on, just a post here and there can indicate to visitors that the account is active and you are open for business.

The truth is, every does social media differently but don’t be fooled into thinking your “likes” reflect your businesses value. Here are some top tips to get you started:


  1. Get your branding straight. Set your profile photos to be a clear, consistent logo image.
  2. Post photos. Not stock photos- your photos. Photos of your retail space, your team, projects you’re proud of, etc.
  3. Get reviews. Ask your best clients to give you a 5 star review on Facebook. High ranking businesses will always be favored by search
  4. Add value to your industry. Find other businesses that operate in your region and industry and engage with their content. Boost them up and eventually they will do the same for you.
  5. Continually evaluate your strategy. Are you getting way more engagement on instagram? Are there more relevant industry topics on Linkedin? Are you competitors getting lots of engagement with video content? Meet your audience where they are.