Feature Site: Performance Boating

Performance Boating is an established new and used yacht and power boat brokerage based on Pittwater, Sydney and is a founding member of the Australian Marine Network.


We completely re-designed their website to update it with a more modern and fluid design. Incorporation of large scale interactive imagery, slider features, a search bar and also reduction of white space, clutter and small text features resulted in a clean-cut and visually engaging website befitting of Performance Boating’s well established presence in the boating industry since 2002.
performance Boating After
Slideshow Feature
When people first access the site they are presented with a series  of high definition product images which rotate in a slideshow. A great feature to have in a very visual orientated industry and immediately engages the audience.With Performance Boating you are immediately greeted with Yachts and Boats on offer being used. You get an idea of what is on offer and how it performs.
Separate Search Bar
A separate search bar has been implemented under the slideshow. This is a step forward from it being embedded in the header bar along with products, contact etc and immediately draws the client in to search for their desired products or services rather than having to adjust themselves and navigate around the site. With Performance Boating we have designed a search bar that contains common queries that our client has encountered. Boat lengths, New or Used and Power allows visitors to refine their boat searches to better find the product they are after.
Image Button Features
We removed the heavy amount of text that was used as tabs to separate products and services and instead utilised a grid structure of several images to serve as tabs. Engaging, visually telling, imagery serves as  great way to not only display a product but serve as a quick and easy identification of different sections within a site. Utilising boat imagery is a definite plus in the marine industry. Clients may know the specs of what they are after but imagery provides the detail that text alone cannot. It is immediately informative and gives a more aesthetic appeal to the site.
A definite improvement from their previous site design, Performance Boating’s new site is more aesthetically appealing and has a much more modern touch to it. Looking to develop your website? Or maybe do a revamp and update like Pacific Boating? Find out more about our solutions and give us a call on 02 8005 2707