7 Reasons: Why Digital Listing Presentations?

Immediate and convenient is the new standard.

From Tinder to UberEats, it’s apparent; consumer demands are mobile based and require a better user experience in accessing a product or service. Today, people are seeking information on the web to find the best brokerage to list and sell their yachts and/or boats and the competition is fierce. The company that creates the best impression through their website and Listing Presentation will win the listing a larger percentage of the time.

That’s where our product ProposalPoint comes in; branded to your brokerage, 100% secure, digital listing web page.

1. Own your listing presentations forever.

Because you as an individual will own all the presentations you create, you  can continue to access your listings presentations, to update prices, monitor activity and recontact your leads, even if you change agencies or decide to slow down your pace. The presentation, like all of our products is an easy to use format.

2. Stand out from competition.

If you are presenting yourself as the best brokerage or dealership in your area, shouldn’t your listing proposal be the best in the area? With the flexibility and customisation of your digital listing proposal, you will be a cut above the rest.

3. Be alerted when your listing presentation is opened, and reopened at any time.

Be notified when a potential vendor accesses your proposal. As any broker would know, sometimes vendors request a sales proposal before they are ready to sell to get a valuation on their yacht or boat and plan their next moves. But nothing is more frustrating than seeing that same yacht or boat on the market with another brokerage 6 months later. With ProposalPoint you can re open these old leads by updating comparable sales, valuation etc and you will be notified if they check out that listing presentation down the road.

4. Easily and quickly make changes.

We know you are not a web developer and we also know things change sometimes. With ProposalPoint you can easily make changes and alert every involved shareholder that has received that presentation of the changes.

5. Deliver hi-res photos and HD video.

A digital sales proposal is the perfect place to showcase the kind of high quality media your brokerage or dealership produces to guarantee a high value sale. It is also a great place to familiarise potential vendors with your service proposition.

6. Save ongoing cost.

What are your printing & delivery costs per month? How often do you need to make a minor change that results in re-printing? Imagine all these costs gone and an instant delivery. What else could be instant? An accepted sales proposal.

7. Show prospective sellers what you can do for them.

Vendors know, the future is digital. Show them you are at the cutting edge with the most modern technology and innovation in the marine industry.